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Warning Signs That Your Garage Door Is in Need of Repairs

Signs You Need Residential Garage Door Repair Services

You’ll know that your garage door needs attention if you can’t completely close or open it or if you’ve backed your car into it and damaged one of its panels. However, these aren’t the only times when you need to get residential garage door repair services! You’ll also need to call an expert technician if you notice the following:

Strange noises

While older garage doors are prone to emitting squeaks and squeals, most modern doors are designed to have a whisper-quiet operation. Either way, if you notice that your door is making more noises than normal and that the sounds are getting louder, it’s time to call a garage door company.

Sagging sections

If one side of your garage door sags, it can become lopsided and difficult to close or open. This can be dangerous since it only one spring will bear the weight of the entire door, and this spring can eventually break. When this happens, your door can fall without warning, injuring people who are standing beneath it and damaging your car or your garage flooring.

Slow response times

Observe how quickly your garage door responds to its remote control. The ideal response time is two seconds or less; if your door takes more than a couple of seconds to respond, you should have it inspected by a residential garage door repair expert.

Heavy door

You probably rely on your garage door opener to do the heavy lifting. However, you should still be able to manually lift the door so you can get your car out of the garage even when the power is out. If you find your door too heavy to lift, ask your garage door technician to take a look at the springs and see if they need to be replaced.

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