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Is a Garage Door Spring Replacement Service Needed?

Won’t Open?

Whether you’ve just put your new garage door on its hinges or been shut up for months, you should be checking on the overall condition of your springs. The tensioners are responsible for keeping the garage door in an open position. If these springs become too worn out, it could mean an expensive replacement, a DIY fix, or it could even be your door that wouldn’t open at all. Here are some signs to check for if you suspect a faulty garage spring and the time to get a garage door spring replacement:

The Opener Doesn’t Work

This is one of the first signs that you will notice. When you attempt to lower the door, it doesn’t move. You could have someone try and push the door down while you pull on it. If this doesn’t work, call a professional instead of attempting to fix it yourself. Garage doors are heavy and could break off the track if you start prying on them.

Too Much Weight

The second sign is that you have too much weight on the door. It would be best to never put anything on the door that isn’t an animal or a person; this includes furniture, junk, or other items. If you do, it will put too much weight on the door, causing it to close in a shorter amount of time, throwing it out of alignment, and creating other issues. If you are unsure about the weight limits for a door, contact a professional to come out and inspect the door for you.

It Has Been Closed For Too Long

If your garage door closes too slowly, it could mean that the spring has become too tired. To avoid this from happening, the best way would be to have it checked by a professional as soon as you notice the problem. A garage door that has been shut for too long also puts more stress on the spring, eventually making it more prone to failure.

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